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We live in a place where history lives around us in the names of our streets, on the tombstones in our cemeteries, and in the architecture of our buildings and parks.  Wyoming Valley people, places, and moments in time have quite a story to tell about us so as we find out new information we will update what we have and add the most recent additions from time to time so come back to see us!

History is often experienced by many as the “tombstone” of education–dates and dead people.  If we dust off some of those stones, however, we will discover that is where the adventure is!  Romance, conflict, apathy, intrigue, love, betrayal are alive in that dash between the dates on the marker.  Here you will find that history is not just a list of who is dead, but who is living!  Come along with us as we dig into the history uncovering the life, the places, and moments in time that brought such excitement to those who lived before us.  Who are the people?  What are the moments in time that have helped to define who we are today?

This is an interesting view of public square, Wilkes-Barrè.   What era do you think the postcard represents?

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From what place do you think this photograph was taken?  When?